Description: The St. Lawrence Readers are charged with the privilege and responsibility of proclaiming the Liturgy of the Word at Mass. As the elders of a tribe, the men and…Read More>

Description: Our ministry launders and irons all the linens that are used for the Liturgical Services. In addition, we launder the albs used by the priests and deacons. We have…Read More>

As members of the faith-filled community of Saint Lawrence, the Altar Servers answer the call to service that we all receive. The members of the Ministry of Altar Servers assist…Read More>

Description:  While the heart of the celebration of Mass is the Eucharistic Prayer, the consummation of the liturgy is found in Holy Communion. In the gathering, in the breaking of…Read More>

Greeter Ministry: The Greeter Ministry Team of St. Lawrence provides a warm and welcoming environment for those joining us for Mass on Sunday Mornings. Often the person opening the door…Read More>

Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord!  Let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. (Psalm 95:1) Music is integral to the Liturgy. All Sunday Masses at St. Lawrence are celebrated with music.…Read More>

Description:  This ministry is responsible for scheduling families to present the offertory gifts during Mass.  We maintain a current list of volunteers who wish to be scheduled to the Mass of…Read More>

Description:  To prepare the Altar and items needed for the Liturgical Services.  This service is provided for all weekday and weekend Masses and Holy Days. Membership:  No special requirements are needed to…Read More>

Description:  The purpose of our ministry is to provide interpreting services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. We attend weekly services and provide the Deaf community access to all parts…Read More>

Description:  St. Lawrence students who are at least in 5th grade may serve as Readers at the 9:30 am Sunday Family Mass. Membership:  Students are required to attend training sessions and…Read More>

Description:  Ushers are the primary hospitality ministry at the Masses.  Normally, ushers are the first and the last representatives of the parish that Mass attendees see.  Therefore, they are integral…Read More>

Video Team Description: The Video Team members are responsible for the operation of the church screens during Liturgies. They are responsible for starting up, advancing the slides and also shutting…Read More>

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