Interesting in having yourself or your child baptized?

Wonderful! We are glad that you have heard and responded to God’s call to become part of His family. It is in baptism that we brought into the family of God, the Church. It is through this sacrament of Baptism that God places his very life inside, which we call grace.  Through this new life a new character is stamped into the very core of who we are, our soul, leaving an indelible mark on us, and giving us gifts and talents to make God visible to others through our lives.

There’s plenty more we could say about Baptism, but that’s why we have something called Baptism Preparation.  In these sessions, parents will explore the various realities of baptism, what it does, and what it means for the parents (and godparents)!

Requirements for Baptism:

  • Newborn to 6 years old
  • Parents are members of St. Lawrence Catholic Church or have a letter from their pastor of another Catholic parish giving permission to have your child baptized in another parish.
  • Contact Audrey Boston at or 813-875-4040 to register for a parent preparation class before the birth of the child, if possible.
  • Parents and godparents attend a class before the baptism.

You will receive the Baptism Register form and Godparent Promise form after you contact Audrey Boston to register for the class.

The godparent(s) will need to be able to make all the promises and then take to their parish to have own pastor for his signature and church seal”.

The paperwork must be received before a baptism date is chosen.

Once received and completed, email the form to along with a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

 Who can be a Godparent?

Godparents are the link between the parents and the Church and help parents to bring up their children in the faith by their witness and prayers.

Requirements of a godparent:

  • At least 16 years old
  • Confirmed in the Catholic Church
  • Live a life of faith in harmony with the the Catholic Church duty he/she is undertaking (see the promises)
  • Not one of the parents of the child being baptized
  • One Catholic godparent is required for baptism
  • Maximum of two (one male and one female) can be recorded in the baptism register
  • One of the sponsors may be a baptized non-Catholic Christian witness of the baptism.

 Fill out the form below and then send and contact Audrey Boston at or 813-875-4040

Taking the first step

Your first step to getting your child baptized is to contact one of our dedicated staff members:

English Baptism Classes

Phone: 813-875-4040 x202

Spanish Baptism Classes

Phone: 813-875-4040 x251

Additional Information:

Each person will need to wear a mask inside of the church. Please arrive at church before the 7:00pm and have a seat in the marked places on the church pews for safe distancing from people you do not live with. If you will need a letter showing attendance to give to a different parish, when contacting Audrey to register for the class, let her know the name of the person attending the class, the Pastor’s name, church, and the address of the church where the baptism will be held. If given in time, Audrey will have ready for you to take with you.

Información Adicional:

Cada persona deberá usar una mascarilla dentro de la iglesia. Llegue antes de las 7:00 pm y siéntese en los lugares marcados en la iglesia para distanciarse de manera segura de las personas con las que no vive. Si necesita una carta que muestre la asistencia para entregar a otra parroquia, cuando se comunique con Luisa para inscribirse en la clase, infórmele el nombre de la persona que asiste a la clase, el nombre del Párroco, la iglesia y la dirección de la iglesia donde se llevará a cabo el bautismo. Si se le da a tiempo, Luisa lo tendrá listo para que lo lleve consigo.

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