St. Lawrence Parish’s founding pastor, Monsignor Laurence E. Higgins, had been working on a plan for years to secure statues of saints he considered among the most important heroes of the Catholic faith. Thanks to the generosity and dedication of several long-time parishioners and friends, Monsignor’s vision for a “Walk With the Saints” has come to fruition. One day, after saying Mass, the Holy Spirit inspired Msgr. Higgins to refer to a book he hadn’t read in years, St. Augustine’s The City of God. St. Augustine wrote that life is a “tale of two cities,” the Earthly City and the City of God. The earthly is consumed by a love of self and suppression of God, and the heavenly by the love of God and suppression of self. “In reflecting on St. Augustine’s thoughts, I could see our parishioners coming into the lot, parking their cars, getting out, leaving their worldly thoughts behind, and entering into the City of God,” said Higgins. He envisioned a statue of St. Augustine outside the walls, his hands welcoming everyone through the piazza gates and into The City of God. With nine other statues strategically placed inside the walls, families would be able to “walk and pray with the saints” before entering God’s house in the church. Msgr. Higgins had long and carefully considered the saints he thought should be included. Thanks to Msgr. Higgins’ vision for his “Walk With the Saints,” we are all invited to experience the power of intercessory prayer and communion with these saints.

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