Welcome to the St. Lawrence Youth First Holy Communion page! We are so excited you want to take the next step in your faith journey by receiving Jesus in the Eucharist. This page has the resources you need to begin the process of this beautiful sacrament.

The Eucharist is the sacrament where we receive Jesus’ body and blood.  First Communion is typically a two-year preparation process that begins with the child participating in pre-Communion preparation in first grade through ongoing formation received either in Catholic school, Youth Faith Formation (Sunday school), or a registered homeschooling program.  Once in second grade (or older), the family will also participate in direct Communion and Penance preparation sessions throughout the year, culminating with First Communion in May.

How to get started:

Children and teenagers seeking to receive their First Holy Communion at St. Lawrence can begin the process by registering for the sacrament by clicking on the link below and reaching out to our Director of Youth Faith Formation, Andrew Johnson, via email at AJohnson@stlawrence.org.

The fee for confirmation is $60. Please contact the parish office at (813) 875-4040 with any questions.

All students, both in Catholic and non-Catholic schools, must register for First Holy Communion.

Do you attend a non-Catholic school?

Students who do not attend Catholic school must register for Youth Faith Formation classes before receiving this sacrament. The button below will take you to the registration form for YFF Classes. There is an $80 registration fee that is non-refundable once classes begin. For other questions, reach out to Andrew via email at AJohnson@stlawrence.org.

Do you have an older child that for whatever reason hasn’t had the opportunity to receive First Communion yet?  Let us know! For a child in 2nd-9th grade, contact AJohnson@stlawrence.org. If in 10th or higher, contact Luisa Long.

Check Out Our First Communion/Reconciliation Booklet 22-23:

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