Description:  Ushers are the primary hospitality ministry at the Masses.  Normally, ushers are the first and the last representatives of the parish that Mass attendees see.  Therefore, they are integral to the perception people have of our parish.  This is of particular importance to visitors and new attendees who are considering making St. Lawrence their spiritual home, but it applies to existing parishioners as well.  The manner in which an usher greets or bids farewell to a Mass attendee can make a huge difference in the way that person feels welcomed to and a part of our parish community.  The Ushers are also an important part of the Mass ceremony.  While the offertory collection is important to the fiscal health of the parish, it also represents the personal offerings of the congregation.  By taking the offertory collection, the ushers accept these offerings and present them at the altar to become part of the sacrifice.  They also direct the Communion procession to ensure an efficient and orderly distribution and make certain that all who wish to receive communion are able to do so.  Additionally, the ushers aid in providing a solemn, safe and comfortable environment during the Mass, and they assist the celebrants, sacristans, and others involved in the Mass celebration with any special requests or requirements.

Membership:  The only requirements are a friendly personality, a courteous attitude and a willingness to help.  Training is provided during Mass and you will normally be paired with an experienced usher.

Time Commitment:  Head Ushers and Assistant Head Ushers should arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of their respective Mass.  Regular ushers should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the Mass and alert the Head or Assistant Usher of their presence so they can appropriately assign duties for the Mass.  Following the Mass, ushers assigned to distributing bulletins should remain until the majority of attendees have exited the church.

Meeting Frequency & Location:  Head Ushers and Assistant Head Ushers meet twice annually – once before Advent and once before Easter – in Higgins Hall.

Contact us for more information about becoming an Usher:

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