Congratulations to all newly confirmed and baptized!

These last few weeks, our community has celebrated the full initiation of new members into the Church! On March 23, the St. Lawrence School and YFF students were fully initiated into the Church through Confirmation. It was a beautiful liturgy celebrated by Bishop Parkes with standing room only as their loved ones came to support them in this next step to their faith journey. What a joy to see so many young people choosing to continue in the Faith and being filled with the Holy Spirit. At the Easter Vigil, six Catechumens were baptized and confirmed and on Easter Sunday eight more were confirmed into the Church. Again, how joyous to see so many adults and young people seeking out Christ and choosing to answer His call of being a Catholic missionary disciple.

I extend many, many congratulations to them, and let’s continue to pray for their walk with the Lord. A big thank you goes out as well to the families, mothers, fathers, godparents, and sponsors for supporting these newly initiated in the reception of their sacraments. I’m very grateful for our catechists and staff members who worked so hard in preparing them.
Please pray as well for all those presently inquiring about our Catholic faith. May our loving witness assist many more in hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Blessings in Christ,

Fr. Mike Muhr

Master’s in Bioethics at St. Thomas University

Taught by Fr. Alfred Cioffi, from the Archdiocese of Miami

A message from Fr. Alfred Cioffi about the program:

I teach fulltime at St. Thomas University (STU), our diocesan university. Seven years ago, I launched an innovative and exciting program: Master’s in Bioethics -taught, of course, from the Catholic perspective, which is in contrast with the prevailing secular cultural values that surround us. In other words, the program is based on a Judeo-Christian Theological Anthropology.

This program addresses all the major bioethical issues of our time; at the beginning and end of human life, in healthcare, and with regards to care for creation (environmental bioethics). Many of our parishioners have questions about: in vitro fertilization, physician assisted death, nutrition and hydration at the end of life, natural family planning, gender transitioning, puberty blockers, blessing of homosexual unions, climate change, global warming, ethics of vaccines, genetically engineered viruses, when to extubate a loved one in the hospital, etc., etc. Our MS in Bioethics at STU covers all of these in detail, and many more.

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