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Description:  The purpose of the Mothers’ Prayer Group (MPG) is to provide an opportunity for women to grow in the many aspects of their faith so that they may fulfill their vocation to motherhood. This includes learning and practicing the many rich traditions of the Catholic faith, as well as growing through service, guest speakers, and fun fellowship. Praying is an integral part of each meeting.

Membership:  Ladies from any parish or school are invited to attend. Moms with children of any age (infants to adults) are also invited. Only requirement: a desire to learn the Catholic faith, read scripture, and fellowship with other Christian women.

Time Commitment:  Ladies are encouraged to come to our gathers on the third Wednesday of each month (school year only), but do not have to commit to attending meetings each week. Moms may come and go based on their schedules and needs.

Ministry Activities:  The Mothers’ Prayer Group members have the opportunity to participate in the following: Sunday Gospel reading and discussion, service projects, Rosary, guest speaker presentations, Mini-Bible Studies, Adoration, breakfast, fellowship, faith formation, prayer.

Meeting Frequency & Location:  We meet every Wednesday during the school year from 8am – 10 am in the East Room of the Polly Murray Building. St. Lawrence Catholic Church complies with the City of Tampa and CDC guidelines, and you are asked to wear a mask and practice safe social distancing accordingly. *Statement of Understanding and Release of Liability in Regard to COVID-19 must be signed prior to utilizing the nursery.

Questions or need more information?

Please contact Lara Cartaya: LNCARTAYA@VERIZON.NET
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