Liturgical Compositions of Philip Jakob

Philip Jakob has been composing for the Church since 1990. In all but a very few cases the music is written with congregational participation in mind.


Always in your presence    (1998,1999) – General

–  a processional psalm (73) for the 2nd National Festival of Catholic Choirs, Southwark Cathedral 1999. It is set for Cantor (and SATB Choir) and assembly. There is use of ‘Adoro te devote’ plainsong melody in final SATB verse. The chant refrain alone has been separately published by Decani Music and the Methodist Church.

Blessed are the Clean of Heart (1998) – All Saints/general

–  a setting of Psalm 131, dedicated to Fr Kevin Thornton. Refrain for SATB choir, Assembly with 2 verses. Published by Decani Music.


Proclamation of the Great Jubilee (1999)

–   an adaptation of plainsong melodies to the words of the Jubilee Proclamation with Psalm 99 by Lucien Deiss

People of God (1993,1997)

– a setting of an acclamation text for Trinity Sunday and Marriage Rites derived from ‘Eglise du Seigneur’ (Lecot)

O Redemptor Sume Carmen (2008)

– setting of the proper hymn for procession of oils during the Mass of Chrism. The text is translated by Michael Bryant.

The Reproaches (1996, 2000, 2012) – Good Friday

–   an unaccompanied cantor/choir-assembly setting for Good Friday using original material in combination with an orthodox chant. It is published by Decani Music. These have been revised to be consistent with the revised translation of the Roman Missal.

Do you who follow understand? (2009) – Holy Thursday, Washing of Feet

– setting of Delores Dufner’s text to accompany the washing of feet on Holy Thursday. The tune is ‘Waly Waly’ arranged for Assembly, SATB Choir, piano and organ.

We adore your cross (2012) – Good Friday
– an SATB setting of the first antiphon for the Veneration of the Cross . The antiphon is repeated in the manner of a Taize chant and the verse added when this is established.  

This is my Son (2013)

–  a choral setting of the Entrance Antiphon for Christmas Night


Always in your presence    (1998)

– a processional communion chant. Published by Decani Music.

Blessed are they (2000) 

– Chant for the Kiss of Peace in Diaconate Ordinations; later verses added

Christ is the Morning Star (1999)

–  a funeral chant with a text from St Bede. Written for the Inter-diocesan Celtic Pilgrimages to North East England on which it was sung in Durham Cathedral. Later used for the memorial mass of Cardinal Basil Hume and for the installation of a statue of St Bede in the Beda College, Rome and sung by students of the Beda at an audience with Pope John Paul II. Published by Decani Music.


A Clean Heart, O God (1999)

–  a short chant composed with Alison Adam of WGRG, Iona Community

You are here beside me (1998)

–  a short chant to celebrate the hallowing of Alison Adam as a Member of the Iona Community

Disturbed by these concerns (2009)

– prayer response written for Community Week on Iona

Draw near to the Lord (1998)

–  a communion processional chant

From the bright cloud (1995)

– setting of the Gospel acclamation for the Baptsim of the Lord

In God alone (2005)

– short chant written for Tim Williams, Iona Abbey musician. For assembly, SATB and piano

We are God’s work of art (1998)

–  a short chant for the baptismal rite of sprinkling

Launch out into the deep (2002, 2012)

– Theme song for the Assembly of the Diocese of Hallam and later re-arranged for use during the Year of Faith

Peace to the world (2005)

– Christmas Night song for cantor, SATB, organ. Derived from ‘Silence my soul’ created for an environmental liturgy in Iona Abbey using melodic fragments suggested by Kathy Galloway.

Pour out your blessing, O Lord (1999)

–  a short chant for Blessing of oils during the Mass of Chrism

Open our eyes (2006)

– setting of Ruth Burgess text to original tune (Myopia)

Take Lord Receive (1994)

–  a choral setting of the words of a prayer by St Ignatius of Loyola

The Gift of God (1991, 1996)

– setting of original text inspired by the work of the Soup Run team from St Ignatius, Stamford Hill

We have seen his star (1999)

–  a short chant setting of the Communion Antiphon for the Solemnity of the Epiphany


‘Stamford Hill’ Eucharistic Acclamations (1992)

Lamb of God

– originally composed for Cantor/Assembly and organ, subsequently arranged for SATB. It uses a simple melody with enharmonic harmonies.

‘New Wine’ Mass (2010)

– a setting of the revised texts of the Roman Missal

A recording of the Mass setting may be heard

The New Wine Mass is published by Coriander Music:


Canticle of the Apocalypse (1999)

– setting derived from that used at Notre Dame, Paris during Evening Prayer. Set for Cantor and Assembly with Organ 

Canticle of Judith (2008, 2010)

– written for Feast of dedication of the Cathedral and Feast of OL Guadalupe for assembly, SATB and organ.

Canticle of Tobias (2005)

– composed for 25th anniversary of the Diocese of Hallam for Assembly, choir and organ

Blessed are the people (1991) – 6TH Sunday Year C/Celebrations of Saints

–  a setting of Psalm 1 for the 400th anniversary celebrations at Westminster Cathedral of the death of St Ignatius of Loyola

With delight I rejoice in the Lord (2008)

– setting of Psalm 12 for Feast of the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary

I shall be filled when I awake (1998) – 32nd Sunday Year C 

–  a setting of Psalm 16. Instrumental solo part also available

I love you, Lord my strength (1994)                                

– a setting of Psalm 17

The Just One in Distress (1997) – 5th Sunday of Easter, Year B

–  a setting of Psalm 21

Who is the King of Glory? (2000) – Candlemas

–  a setting of Psalm 23

May your love be upon us (1996, 2002) – 2nd Sunday in Lent, Year A

–  a setting of Psalm 32

May your love be upon us (1996, 2002) – 5th Sunday in Easter, Year A

– a setting of Psalm 32

Happy the people the Lord has chosen as his own (1996, 2002) – Rite of Election

– a setting of Psalm 32 for the Rite of Election

Happy the people (1996, 2002, 2007)

– a setting of Psalm 32 for Sunday 19C

Here I am Lord (1995)

– SATB setting of verse 4 of the psalm (39/40)

As the deer thirsts (2001) – Entrance Processional Psalm

– a setting of Psalm 41/42 for the ordination of Roy Pannell to the priesthood. Published by Decani Music

God is with us (1997) – St John Lateran/Dedication of Church

–  a setting of Psalm 45 composed for the First National Festival of Catholic Choirs, Southwark Cathedral 1997

God goes up (1989) – Ascension

–  a setting of Psalm 46 composed for the Catholic Children’s Society Mass, Westminster Cathedral, 1989

I will sing of your love for me (2002)

– a setting of psalm 50                                                           

For you my soul is thirsting (2004)

– a setting of Psalm 63

For you my soul is thirsting (2020)

-a setting of Psalm 63 for 22nd Sunday in Year A with text from the Abbey Psalms & Canticles

A Song of Springtime (1996) – 15th Sunday in Year A

– a setting of Psalm 64

A Harvest Song (1998) – Entry into Triduum Psalm

– a setting of Psalm 66 as a processional psalm for Holy Thursday

Let the peoples praise you (1998, 1999, 2007)

– setting of Psalm 66(67) for Easter 6C

Let all the peoples praise you (1996) – 20th Sunday in Year A

–  a setting of Psalm 66

A Harvest Song

– a setting of Psalm 66

New Year’s Day Psalm (1999) – New Year’s Day/Mother of God

– a setting of Psalm 66

A Home for the Poor (2001) – 22nd Sunday in Year C

– a setting of Psalm 67, composed for the Augustinian Community 2001

In Your Great Love (1996/2002) – 12th Sunday in Year A

– a setting of Psalm 68

A Prayer in Old Age (1998) – 4th Sunday in Year C

– a setting of Psalm 70

Ring out your joy (2000) – 9th Sunday in Year B

– a setting of Psalm 80

Blessed are they (2007)

– setting of Psalm 83 for Ordinations

Blessed are they (2007, 2009)

– a setting of Psalm 83 for Holy Family C

Loyalty in God’s service (1996) – 16th Sunday in Year A

– a setting of Psalm 85

I will sing for ever (1996) – Christmas Vigil Mass

– a setting of Psalm 88

I will sing for ever (1999) – Chrism Mass

– a setting of Psalm 88 for the Mass of Chrism

I will sing for ever (2001) – Chrism Mass

– a setting of Psalm 88 for the Mass of Chrism

I will sing for ever (2002)

– a setting of Psalm 88 for the Golden jubilee of QEII

I will sing for ever (2002, 2013)

– setting of Psalm 88 for Christmas Vigil Mass

O that today – 23rd Sunday in Year A

  • a setting of Psalm 95 with text from the Abbey Psalms & Canticles

The Lord is King – 7th Sunday of Easter, Year C

– a setting of Psalm 96

The Lord is King (2009)

– setting of Psalm 96 for Christ the King B

Sing to the Lord a new song (1995)

–  a setting of Psalm 97 written for the Diaconate Ordination of John Windle (Feast of Immaculate Conception)

Salvation for all (2010)

– setting of Psalm 97(98) for Sunday 28 C

He the Lord (2008)

– a setting of Psalm 104 for Holy Family B

Like Melchisedek of Old (2007)

– setting of Psalm 109 for Ordinations and Corpus Christi

Christ the Lord (1996)

– a setting of Psalm 110 for Priestly Ordination

Go out to the whole world (1996) – 9th/21st Sunday, Year C/St Patrick/Ordinations

–  a setting of Psalm 116 for the installation of John Rawsthorne as Bishop of Hallam, edited 2002 with brass arrangement. Published and recorded by Oregon Catholic Press

Our help is in the name of the Lord (2010)

– setting of Psalm 120(121) for Sunday 29C

Whoever serves me

–  Antiphon and psalm 146 for vesting in Diaconate Ordinations


Philip Jakob was invited to support the Chapter Meeting of the Augustinian Community. Nigel Bavidge (RIP 2010) had sent him a number of texts and these were set for the meeting and have since been taken on by the wider Augustinian Family which developed from the Chapter.

Song of Parting (2000)

– a setting of a text by St Augustine of Hippo commissioned by the Augustinian Community. It has been used at the end of Conferences.

Let us be of one mind (2000)

– a setting of a prayer by St Augustine of Hippo commissioned by the Augustinian Community

Our hearts are restless (2000)

– a setting of a text by St Augustine of Hippo commissioned by the Augustinian Community. It has found use at funerals and RCIA Rite of Election.

Whisper words of truth (2000)

– a setting of a text by St Augustine of Hippo. The refrain may be used alone but there are two verses the second of which leads to a setting of the plainchant Ubi Caritas melody.

O Sacrament of love (2002)

– a communion processional chant with text by St Augustine. Set for piano, SATB choir and assembly.

My God I am yours (2001)

– a setting of Catherine McAuley’s Suscipe commissioned by the Sisters of Mercy. Instrumental parts also available.


All creatures of our God and King (2006)

– organ harmonisation

And did you know? (2009)

– arrangement setting of John Bell’s text for Holy Thursday

Be thou my vision (2000)

– an arrangement of the hymn for the Jubilee Year ‘Rejoice’ celebration in Sheffield Arena. Later used for the priestly Ordination of Peter Scally SJ and Dominic Robinson SJ.

Come host of heaven’s high dwelling place (2000)

– descant and final verse accompaniment for St Columba setting of John Bell’s words

Godhead here in hiding

– arrangement of plainsong melody with SATB final verse

Holy God, we praise thy name (1996)

– descant and final verse accompaniment

How can I keep from singing (2001)

– setting originally written for Iona Abbey

My song is love unknown (2002)

– descant and final verse accompaniment for ordination of Peter Scally & Dominic Robinson SJ

Renew me, Lord (2013)

-arrangement of Bernadette Farrell’s composition published and recorded by Oregon Catholic Press

Silent Night (1998, 2020)

– instrumental arrangement and harmonisation

There is a balm (1997)

– a setting of the refrain for the BBC Daily Service Singers

Ubi caritas (2005)

– setting of ‘where true love is dwelling’ text to ‘adoro te devote’ melody with SATB verse 4

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