Rebecca Steinke, Director of Music at St. Lawrence Catholic Church

Rebecca Steinke was born in Tampa and has lived in San Diego California for the last 23 years. Rebecca has been a professional director of music since 1990, and before that a volunteer since the age of 9. Over the course of her career she has worked with just about every type of music program: retirees, multi-generational choirs, university students, tenn and children’s choirs . She has worked with musical styles from the Medieval/Renaissance to the present day. Rebecca has two degrees in music: Applied Voice from USF and a Masters of Music Education from the University of Florida. Rebecca’s coaches, conductors and music teachers include the late Annetta Monroe (USF), Mary Mackenzie (SDSU), the late Robert Shaw, Dr. Robert Summer (USF), Bruno Rigatti (Italy), and many others. Rebecca is thrilled to have joined the team at St. Lawrence Catholic Church.

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Phone: 813-875-4040 ext. 205

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