Prayers for Monsignor Carruthers

Update from the pastor 7/26/21:

“Dear Friends in Christ, 

Greetings in the Lord.  Today, Monday the twenty-sixth of July, I would like to share an update from the “Cave of Isolation.”  As I shared previously, late Tuesday evening I noticed what seemed to be the beginnings of a cold.  By late Thursday afternoon the symptoms had morphed, and I decided to get a Covid test, which came back positive.  Being fully vaccinated, the symptoms were and continue to be mild.  

On Friday I received, under a doctor’s care, a monoclonal antibody infusion treatment.   Being beyond a certain age and having hypertension, I qualified for the treatment.   It went very well, and I experienced no side effects during or since.  

Today I continue to do well. My appetite remains good – I have not lost the sense smell or taste.  I am sleeping well.  

The cough persists, though I’m not having fits of coughing like before.  If someone calls me on the phone, I will cough a bit as I start to talk, so that seems to trigger it.  Also, I tire easily and if I start to exert myself, say . . . by moving boxes, I notice a slightly labored breathing is triggered.  

The isolation itself is not challenging for me.  My body needs the rest, and I have had extended time for prayer.  Being not yet one month at St. Lawrence and physically separated from the parish is bothersome to me, though.   I trust that the Lord will use this for our good and His glory. 

At the moment, the plan is for Friday to be my first day out of the Cave.  I will keep you posted as that day gets closer.  Let us continue to lift each other up in prayer and meet in the Eucharist.  

With every good regard, I am 

Sincerely yours in the Lord, 

Fr. Michael


Please prayerfully read the following letter from our Pastor:

Dear Friends in Christ, Late Saturday night and into early Sunday morning I returned from a grace-filled week at Covecrest. Other than a back ache from two ten hour bus trips I was feeling great.

On Tuesday I started sensing a mild cold coming on. Late Wednesday night and though the day today (Thursday) my symptoms worsened and changed from what I usually experience with a cold. For that reason, Thursday afternoon. I went to Walgreens, wearing a mask, to buy a take-home rapid Covid test kit. I. tested myself. It came back positive.

I was fully vaccinated in March. Still, I must isolate for 10 days since the start of Covid-like symptoms. At the end of that I will receive a more formal medical test before exiting isolation.

On a positive note, anyone who has had contact with me this week who is fully vaccinated and not showing symptoms is not required to self-isolate or get tested. If someone who has had contact with me who has been vaccinated begins to show symptoms, they should get tested and proceed from there, based on the results. If they have had contact with me and have not been vaccinated, they should get tested and, again, proceed from there.

Msgr. Muhr, one of my illustrious predecessors, will celebrate will the 10 am Mass Sunday. He and Fr Carl Melchior will be available to fill in as needed throughout my time of isolation.

Fr Higinio has been fully vaccinated and is not showing symptoms. He does not need to isolate. In prudence, though, he will stay on campus, but not in the house with me.

Pope St John Paul II said: “To follow the Lord is an incredible adventure.” Indeed. Let us continue to keep each other in prayer and meet in the Eucharist. Hail, Star of the Sea. Praised be Jesus Christ!

With every personal regard, I am

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Michael


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