IMPORTANT: Idalia Storm Closures & Mass Schedules

Daily & Spanish Mass:

The main church will be open Tuesday and Wednesday morning for 8:30 a.m. daily Mass and be locked after the Mass.  

The main church will also be opened for Tuesday night Spanish Mass and locked after the Mass concludes.

Parish Office:

The Parish Office will be closed all day Tuesday, August 29th, and Wednesday, August 30th. The office is currently scheduled to reopen Thursday, August 31st unless otherwise noted.

St. Lawrence Catholic School:

Bishop Gregory Parkes has closed all Catholic schools in the diocese from Tuesday, August 29 and Wednesday, August 30. The school is currently planning on reopening Thursday, August 31st unless otherwise noted. 

School & Parish Activities & Events:

Aside from daily Mass and the Spanish Mass, there will be no other activities or events on the STL parish or school campus. Please stay safe and ready your homes and families as necessary to prepare for Idalia. Each of you are in our prayers.

Stay Connected For Updates:

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