The goal of the La Familia Discipleship Award Program is for families to grow in their faith together by:

  1. Learning something new,
  2. Spending time together in prayer, and
  3. Serving others.

Click below to create Your Family’s Plan!

As you complete your goals, please send pictures we can share by email/bulletins/social media to La Familia Email – Other families may be inspired to try what you’ve done!

By February 18th, fill out your Achievement Form.  
*Option #1 – Download Part B here – Print your Achievement Form to hand in or email it to Mrs. Roman (Email Mrs. Roman Here) or Mrs. Sarah Williford (Email Sarah here). 

*Option #2 – You can fill out your Achievement Form digitally here:

*If you’ve participated before, you’ll notice the check-in for Mass has moved! We now have a way for families to tell us their personal take-home message from Mass here: –  Was it something special that happened, lyrics from one of the songs, or a thought from the homily? You’re invited to send a quick message after each Mass your family attends.

Thank you for participating!

“It all begins with la familia!” – Monsignor Higgins

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