We have a New La Familia Discipleship Program. The goal is for families to grow in their faith together by:

  1. learning something new,
  2. spending time together in prayer, and
  3. serving others.

Click here to create Your Family’s Plan for Part B:

As you complete your goals, please send pictures we can share by email/bulletins/social media to La Familia Email – Other families may be inspired to try what you’ve done! If you and your family plan a unique project and would love to invite others, let us know in advance and we’ll help get the word out. To see what others have sent, visit:

By February 18th, fill out your Achievement Form.  
*Option #1 – Download Part B here – Print your Achievement Form to hand in or email it to Mrs. Roman (Email Mrs. Roman Here) or Mrs. Sarah Williford (Email Sarah here). 

*Option #2 – You can fill out your Achievement Form digitally here:

*If you’ve participated before, you’ll notice the check-in for Mass has moved! We now have a way for families to tell us their personal take-home message from Mass here: –  Was it something special that happened, lyrics from one of the songs, or a thought from the homily? You’re invited to send a quick message after each Mass your family attends.

Thank you for participating! Save the date for a special blessing at the Masses on March 1st and an ice cream social for all of this year’s participating families on Sunday, May 3rd at 12:15 pm.

“It all begins with la familia!” – Monsignor Higgins

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